Monday, September 08, 2014

Living for the weekends.

This past weekend we remembered my Auntie Joyce and my friend Kelly's Mom at the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Walk.  Two wonderful women that were taken too soon by this awful disease.  
 The first song they played that day was one of Joyce's favorite songs and I am sure it was no coincidence.  We had a great time and the kids were great troopers as usual.
 Steve was out of town so it was really nice to have my Mom in town.  Mom, Beth and I went for pedicures and out of an adult dinner at Broders Pasta Bar on Friday night.  The food was wonderful.  It has been so long since the three of us just hung out without children.  It was really a nice time and so wonderful to catch up and laugh together.

 On Saturday night my Aunt Vicki and Uncle Mark took Tess with them to the Twins game.  Tess had a great time and was giddy about it when she got home.
Lastly, Cece hit a big milestone this morning that every baby hits…she pooped in the tub.  Nice.  This is the "first" that I can live without.  
Mornings can be a little busy around here, especially Monday and cleaning that up was not on my list.  Then we got to school and I took a glance at Tess and said, "Did you comb or brush your hair this morning?"  She responded, "Oops, I forgot."  Just a day in the life.  Have a great week.

Love, Gina

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Thursday night randomness

  • Steve is having a "guys weekend" this weekend and I don't even feel crabby about it.  It isn't very often he gets to hang out with his brother or college friends. 
  • I am excited my Mom is coming to town for the Moca walk, probably why I am not crabby that Steve is leaving. 
  • I found Tess counting her money the other night and asked her what she was saving up for and she quickly responded, "A dog."  Persistent.
  • Gabby is enjoying Kindergarten so far.  They have a rest period every day and if they are good and quiet they get a sticker.  She is on day #7 and she has 2 stickers…..hmmm.  We didn't name her Gabby because she is quiet.  She claims that people are bothering her, I know it isn't her fault;)
  • I cleaned my house today because Paul and my Mom are coming to town (I like to pretend we live like civil people.)  Cece screamed a majority of the time while I tried to accomplish this.  She had a look on her face that said, "Mommy, why are you trying to do this now, you haven't cleaned all summer, remember your priorities, you know you hold me all of the time."  
  • Sydney really seems to like school this year so far.  
  • We ran to the bus yesterday because we almost missed it. (2nd week of school.)  I am pretty sure all of the parents watching thought, "Wow, she really needed a 4th baby," as I ran with Cece in tow.  People we were only late because we were finishing up practicing our instruments, doing our foreign language homework and calculus…..aka watching cartoons too long and digging through unfolded laundry for clothes. 
  • I am enjoying the first 2 weeks of minimal homework and after school activities.  
  • I love the weekend off.
  • Have a great weekend!!!!
Love, Gina

Great parenting moments

You know what I like best about summer?  It is easy to be an awesome/fun parent in the summer.  For example:
Child: "Mom can we stay outside and play a little later tonight."  
Me: "Yes."
Child: "Mom can we have friends over?"
Me: "Yes."
Child: "Mom can we go to the fair and eat a lot of junk food and ride rides?"
Me: "Yes."  
Child: "Can we go swimming for the 6th time this week?"
Me: "Yes."  
So you get the idea, I spend a majority of the time saying, "Yes."  How fun is that?  Minimal nagging and a lot of yeses.  Easy parenting, yes, I love it.  So now I will wrap it up with the rest of our random photos of our summer of being fun parents.  In random order.

We saw these dear people at church one Sunday….I babysat these girls…wow.  
Then we headed to the State Fair
Always a favorite place for our family, it was hot but the kids loved it because we said, "Yes."  A lot.
Then we ran into these special people and caught a little bit of the fair with them.  
Then we watched a dog show, the girls were in heaven.

Mandatory awkward family photo!
I love that the big girls will do things that Gabby enjoys even though they may be over it.  (Do you think they will do this for Cece when they are teenagers?)
This little lady was an awesome sport.

She came along for the ride.
And of course there were treats galore.

and some people napped.
and road some rides.

As usual we had a great time and look forward to next year.
We took this little lady our for her very own lunch before she started school,
she chose her favorite, "Noodles & Company."
These lovely people invited us for a final swimming celebration before school started.  

We all had a great time.  

I even got to relax in the pool and

this little lady was well taken care of.  

Daddy took the ladies on the traditional sneaker shopping expedition.  A great success and I liked all of their choices.  The sweet b's love the sweets and checked out a fun donut shop.  

Then we hit our annual movie at TCF with family and neighbor friends.

This wraps up my random photos from the summer 2014.  Didn't we have fun?  Are you sick of me talking about it?  I can't help it, it was a summer of a lot of fun.  Mostly because the girls are fun ages and of course because Steve and I could say, "Yes."   A lot.  Now if you will excuse me, I better get ready to work on homework…so fun.

Love, Gina

Monday, September 01, 2014

I want to start summer over.

Last week was our first week of school and I was so very sad.  We had a wonderful summer together and it seems impossible to me that it is already over.  
The girls were all very excited.  It was only their Mom that needed to get a grip.  

Sydney starting 5th grade was probably the hardest for me, it is hard to see your firstborn grow up so fast and the rapid passing of time is hard for me handle.  Sydney still really enjoys doing things with us and I dread the day when she doesn't.  But for now I will eat it up.  
 Tess was also very excited, she has always loved school.

 they are growing up so fast.
 I thought the crew looked so beautiful.
 Then 2 days later this little lady had her dream come true, she went to school with the "big girls!"  She has been dreaming of this day for years and was thrilled to start kindergarten this year.
 She was ready and we are so proud of her.
I still have this beauty home with me but I still miss the girls like crazy.  I cried, I couldn't help it.  I know you aren't surprised.  
Thank God for the summer of 2014, we have been blessed.  
Have a good night.
Love, Gina