Sunday, May 29, 2016

enjoying the now on our 3 day weekend

Oh how I love a 3 day weekend so much.  The weather has been pretty nice and we are all home, I love it.  Poor Gabby has had a fever for a few days with a trip to the pediatrician and Tess woke up this morning throwing up.  Big bummer. Sadly we had to cancel fun plans for the evening but maybe this is a good reminder to "slow down'  and enjoy the now.  We have been kicking back and relaxing at home, with intermittent laundry, book reading, outside time and caffeine as needed.  I really love time off together to breathe (minus the sick children.)  Hoping we all wake up tomorrow feeling better and 6 healthy people.  

Love, Gina
p.s. Tess's biopsy came back negative!  So much to be thankful for.  

Field Day x2

We had field day this past week for both Tess and Gabby and I would say that it would go down in the books as the worst weather field day I have ever been to.  The girls on the other hand thought it was the "best field day ever"  it rained or misted a majority of the day but the girls had a ball and Steve and I enjoyed being off together and enjoyed a dry lunch inside with my Mom in town.  Our girls love it and I am pretty sure they get this from their Dad.  As a child the majority of my memories include getting the maroon "I tried" ribbon.  Lame, please don't bother giving me a ribbon if it is going to be an "I tried" ribbon.  Might as well just say, "Loser."  But honestly, it is hard to believe that our children actually collect several place winners…clearly Steve's genes involved.  Fun times and activity number 7000 for the end of school year celebrations in the books.  I may as well take May and June off next year, it would save on a lot of anxiety.

Wet clothes and all they had a blast.  My children are resilient like their Dad.
Love, Gina

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Choir Concert for Tess

Tess had her end of the year choir concert and managed to crack a few smiles but was very mad at me because I wouldn't let her wear her sneakers to the concert.  Never a dull moment.  The choir was really good and I don't think anyone noticed the shoes she hated.

We kept plenty of snacks in hand for the boss, she must have been too much for me to handle at Syd's concert because I didn't snap one photo.   Sorry Syd.

Love, Gina

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Lacrosse time

Going to Syd's games this time of year is not a hardship because being out in the nice weather is glorious.  I have to be honest, freezing on the ice is not my cup of tea but hanging out in the grass in beautiful weather is.  This game we made our own shade with a great grandma blanket.  We set up everything really nice for the 4th born princess.  
In between commands requests from the princess we try to watch some lacrosse.

Someday I may even understand the game a little bit…
Love, Gina

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Miss Gabby performs for us

Gabby made us proud at her gymnastics performance.  Another Mom said to me, "Is that your daughter that works hard with her tongue?"  Yes she does use her tongue to help her perform well.  Not sure who she gets that from but it is funny.  

Our proud little lady with the group.

Love, Gina