Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Field day fun

Our girls love field day.  I remember as a child not really loving field day because I would get the "I tried" ribbon.  Isn't that a pathetic name?  But I am happy to say they must have inherited some athleticism from their Dad and really enjoy field day.  It was the first and only year that all 3 girls participated in the same field day.  Steve took the day off and we had a really nice time together.  Meako even came and Steve took care of him because he knew I wouldn't.

 I wish I could have been able to get a clear close up of Gabby, she does everything with her tongue moving all over and it is pretty cute.

 Tug of war is my favorite and you can tell, I couldn't stop snapping photos.  (Kindergarteners don't do the tug of war…I didn't forget to take her picture.)

Sydney's last field day.  Sniff, sniff.

Love, Gina

How does your garden grow?

Every year the girls do our planting for the summer and it is one of my favorite things to watch.  I love that they still appreciate the garden and watching as things come up and grow.  Our garden is small but enough for all of us to enjoy.

 patient Dad helps with getting everything started.

 If I knew how to do a "speech bubble" there would be a bubble above Meako's head that said, "I can't wait to dig this whole garden up!"

 They did a great job and thanks to Meako we have been able to replant a few things several times.  Joy.

Love, Gina

Lacrosse for Sydney

Sydney started Lacrosse this year and really enjoyed it.  I enjoyed that the games were outside and I could put Cece down on the ground instead of worrying about her on the bleachers at the hockey rink!  Syd did a great job and enjoyed her time with her friends.  

 Little sister being a good sport and watching one of many games.

 her littlest fan.

You make us proud Sydney.
Love, Mom

Our hockey girl

 Miss Tess loves her hockey and completed another season in the spring.  No matter how much it keeps her running I have never heard her complain about practicing or playing hockey.  She loves hockey so much and we are so proud of her.  I also love her Dad so much for keeping her schedule all straight, the volunteer hours done and making sure she has the equipment she needs.  I mean lets face it, I can't even tie her skates as well as her Dad.  I may have been told this before.   Love, Gina

Rachel's Wedding

In May we enjoyed a family wedding of this beautiful bride, Rachel.  We had such a fun time as a family together.  Beth and I babysat Rachel starting when she was a little baby, as I watched her walk down the aisle I couldn't help myself from crying.  She looked so beautiful and I am so happy for them.   I also cried thinking about just how quickly time passes by, how one minute she was a little baby and how now she is a married woman.  Her parents did a great job, she is a wonderful lady.  Congratulations Rachel and Pat.

Love, Gina

The Sweet B Family goes to the Twins Game

 Every year we take the girls to the Twins game with their school and they eat food the entire time and ask for more as soon as they finish licking their fingers really enjoy watching the game with their friends.  But seriously we did really have a good time.  Cece only fell between the seat a few times so we call that a win!  See below for the awkward family photo!

 Love, Gina