Friday, January 08, 2016

Little Florence Nightingale

Miss Gabby was part of a "Wax Museum" production in school last week and did a great job.  Should we be honest, this was a first grade assignment and "we" all did a great job;)  Gabby chose Florence Nightingale with maybe a little encouragement from her Mom.

She did a great job presenting and made us all so proud.

She looked so sweet and even wore a dress that I had wore in elementary myself.  I made the cute apron.  (Okay lets be honest, Etsy made her apron.)  What are the chances I could get her to wear the costume next Halloween?  Too good to be true I bet.

All of the kids were so cute in costume.  The kids learn so much from her teacher and I also keep myself on my toes with this teacher.  Love, Gina

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Daddy has a birthday

Happy, happy birthday to the man of the house!  Steve and Tess had breakfast out together and the rest of us took him out for dinner at Burger Jones.  We don't take the circus out for dinner very often and it was a lot of fun.  We love you honey.  Love, Gina

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Taking a break in Colorado

We made our first long road trip as a family of 6 to Colorado to visit Steve's brother Paul and family over holiday break.  The drive was 14 hours straight through and we made it through with flying colors.

Let us be honest, road trips aren't like when we were little….we have this little beauty, the van with the movie screen and head phones.  

and 3 children to entertain the child that wants to be entertained.  
They took turns sitting by Cece and all went very well.  
We arrived very late in the day, slept in and it was time for days of fun with the cousins.  

Skiing with the cousins was a favorite, the weather was beautiful.  
It was nice to see everyone pick up where they left off and play together.  
The hot tub is always a favorite activity for the kids and this visit was no different.
*on a side note the girls returned home with bad rashes.  I took them into the pediatrician to get checked out and received my verbal beating on children and hot tubs and how they are a "cesspool of germs, bacteria and chemicals…..and should not go in them"  Not an awkward conversation at all with a doctor that I work with…..hey at least I didn't let the toddler go in?!  The evening of the doctor appointment we received a text from the parents of Tess's friends parents during their play date…."we are going to take the kids to play in my parents hot tub."  The doctor would have been so proud of how well we take a verbal beating and follow instructions.

The fun continued with bowling and arcade fun, visiting our friends the Trujillos 

Rollerskating and just hanging out together.  We appreciate them taking in our circus with open arms!  A good time was had by all!

The ride home was an adventure for all, Cece played on her new microphone for a good portion of the ride, we loved that she was entertained but the music may have started to grind on our nerves.
This stop made us happy for several hours.
A little Dunkin' Donuts always brings a smile to our face, we really miss that place.

This iced coffee made me very happy and also hard for me to not wet my pants.

During some gasoline stops one little lady ruled the car.

Let's be honest, she rules our house.  The trip was fun, the girls were awesome and we had a great time catching up.  So nice to see the kids pick up where they left off and entertain each other despite the distance and time that passes.

Love, Gina

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mr Jameson arrived

He is here!  Mr Jameson Robert Plaetz arrived with a bang, "unexpectedly" breech weighing 4 pounds 3 ounces.  This little miracle boy survived a very long pregnancy and is doing great.  We are all so happy and breathing a sigh of relief.  Coincidentally his Daddy finished with his PICC line and IV therapy the same week he was born.  Yippee!  Congratulations Joe and Lorna!

Love, Gina

Monday, December 28, 2015

Cecelia Marian turns 2

It happened, in record time, in the blink of an eye our baby turned 2.  It is incomprehensible to me how the last 2 years have flown by so quickly.  Little Miss Cece has been a dream come true for our whole family.  Everyone in our family has such a special relationship with Cece and it warms my heart to watch everyone with her.  She is the baby I had began to think we would never have and the child that reminded me to sit back and soak up all of the joys that a baby in the house again brings.  I thank God everyday for giving me this opportunity to experience the maternal ecstasy of loving another baby in my arms again.  I haven't taken for granted the fleeting time I have had with our special little lady and look forward to watching her grow up.  I wish I could make time slow down because I don't want this time to end.  I will continue to enjoy our little toddler on my hip, her soft cheek on my shoulder and her hands reaching out for me to pick her up and hold her.  I love this sweet, spunky, sometimes bossy and lovable little girl so much.  Happy Birthday Cecelia Marian!

Love, Gina/Mommy

With a December 28th birthday Cece has many celebrations!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Plaetz Circus

We all gathered at my Mom and Dad's for Plaetz Christmas and the natives are looking a little restless in the photos.
Grandma Julie and Grandpa Bob have a great place for them to play and when we all drag them out to photograph them they all seem to rebel.
Present opening is always interesting because my Mom likes to keep things orderly so we can all see the gifts we gave everyone and the kids just want to rip and tear as fast as they can….battle of the wills.
this always makes me feel conflicted in my mind between my thoughtful Mom and my impatient children.  I always enjoy something to worry about in my head.
Then we celebrated everyone that has a crummy holiday birthday.
I may have threw a mammoth sized fit when I opened up the pie box that I ordered for Cece's birthday and it was decorated red and green!!!!  As if it isn't bad enough to have a December 28th birthday and then they decorate your pie in holiday colors?!?!?  Live and learn, specify that you don't want a holiday pie in the future.  Family members that were trying to smooth over my immature fit recommended I post the photos in black and white and no one would ever know…..Lets be honest, she is 2, she likes french silk pie in any color.
Isabel…January 1st birthday.
Alex…December 25th birthday (winner of the worst birth date but his cake wasn't red and green!)
Always something to laugh about.
Love, Gina