Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Family Vacation Central

Things are a little crazy around here trying to get organized. We are heading to Boston for our good friends Annie and Patrick's wedding and also for our good friends and former babysitters Caitlin and Susan's graduation...I wonder if we could interest them in college in MN?!

I worked my last shift yesterday and I have to say that I am so blessed to have a job that I walk down the halls at work and say to myself, "Wow, look what I am doing and look what I have done." It is just so amazing, there are some days that are so emotionally difficult though and yesterday was one of them. I had a lovely couple for the entire 12 hours and they delivered their beautiful 32 week son and tragically they found out that morning that he was stillborn. As I was saying goodbye to them at the end of my 12 hours the father of the baby said to me, "Go home and kiss your babies." Please remember this couple in your prayers.

So that was my last day of work before vacation, so rewarding but so very sad. Today was a whirlwind of getting ready to go and a mission to find the right shoes for the wedding! Critical things like that. Now we are finally finished packing, we really hate to have a full nights sleep before we jump on the plane with our 2 children....that might make it easier to cope or something! I am trying to look busy right now while Steve is scanning the contents of my suitcase....he should know it is all essential and don't bother looking at it. We are so excited for our trip and have been planning it for over 6 months, I always need a reason to feel anxious so I am already worried about being able to see everyone while we are in town. Sydney told me she is most looking forward to the dollar store and playing in the Campers yard. Besides of course hanging out with my family and visiting our dear friends I am looking forward to Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee, seafood, Sully's, the ocean, Wild Plums, Rondo's subs and the list goes on and on. Sydney told me that she had all of the arrangements figured out and Daddy and Tess will be sleeping together and her and I will be sleeping together....sounds romantic!

Well, morning is right around the corner so I better sign off. Take care. Love, Gina

PS. Happy news, Vernon, Tom and Steve finished the majority of the electrical work in the basement last weekend! Yeah! Thanks guys.

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