Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spring Photo Catch-up

I think I am finally up to date on photos now, I love taking them but really get behind when I take so many. Check the link for a few of our spring photos of the girls. They are having such a great Spring together, we have spent a lot of time planting flowers, playing ball, playing in the sandbox, going to the park and exploring our little neighborhood of Tangletown. It is nice that the weather has warmed up so everyone is out and about and we can see some friendly faces. Last weekend was fun just hanging out together. I woke up on Mother's Day and Sydney was sitting beside me quietly just staring at me. When she saw my eyes open she put my presents on my stomach and said, "Happy Mother's Day!" It was so sweet. She was so proud. She painted a cute little frame for me at school with a picture of her in it. It was very fun to sow excited she was now that she is getting a little older. We went to church together and were even on time. We were having a nice little Cleaver family moment when Sydney leaned over to Steve and said in her outside voice, "Do you like Mommy's shirt? We bought it at Target." Nice.

Steve is in Atlanta for 2 days this week so Beth and Mike were so good to keep the girls overnight last night while I worked until 11:30, it is so nice to have them down the street. Tonight we are having "girls night" at our house. I can hear Syd snoring away in our bed. I was finally going through some of the things that I was able to get from my Aunt Joyce. It is so hard to believe she has been gone almost a month. We sadly went to her home for the last time tonight I was going through a big box of rubber stamps that were hers, only one stamp somehow fell out of the box, it said, "Missing you." So very fitting, we will always miss her.

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