Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Everyday Play and P Cousin Time

Father's Day weekend we were also able to get together with the other cousins. It is fun to see the little personalities come out when they are together. Kate and Tess still have a love/hate relationship and Syd keeps the 2 girls from hurting eachother. Syd also has an uncontrollable urge to try to carry the smaller cousins, I think that makes their Mom's feel very at ease! Going out the the farm still makes me really happy too, what a beautiful place with so many great memories...butchering chickens, being trampled by a wild turkey, King, Grandpa's mean dog....just kidding, seriously I do have so many fun memories there. Here are a few more pictures....then, drum roll please, caught up!
Not much else new going on here, Tess took a trip to the eye Dr last week because she applied sunscreen directly in her eye while Steve was in the shower. So curious, I don't think she will be doing it again though. My knee is almost healed, I may be able to kneel on it again someday. Sydney is enjoying summer camp, Tess and I are enjoying some quality time playing while Syd is out. Steve is enjoying work (honestly he loves it) and house projects. Now that the weather is beautiful we are torn between projects, playing outside or at the pool or sitting on our front porch. We knew this would happen. Well, I better get to bed before Tess beckons me. Have a great day. Love, Gina

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