Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Summer Camp Begins!

So much has happened since I last signed on but I only have a few minutes before work so I can only say we are back! We had a wonderful vacation in Boston but not enough time to see everyone...guess we will have to go back! Annie & Patrick's wedding was beautiful and the Campers girls graduation was so fun to see. We came back in time for Steve to fly to Tulsa and me to head back to work. Then we headed to Brooten for Jena's graduation festivities. The B cousins were in town so we had a great time! It is so fun to watch the kids all together. I have so many pictures from our trip to Boston and this past weekend, hopefully by the weekend I will get them on the blog.

Today was an exciting day for Syd. Her preschool also offers a 6 wk summer camp and she happily started this morning. It should be lots of fun, they wear their swimsuits under their clothes and have a whole morning of fun planned 3 days a week. Last night Sydney couldn't fall asleep and said to me, "You shouldn't have told me I have Summer camp tomorrow because now I can't sleep." She picked out her clothes and told me that she thought it "looked Summery." When I dropped her off Tess started playing in the classroom and turned around and said to me, "Bye Mommy." She wanted to stay. She is growing up so much. I hugged her this morning and said to her, "Do you love me?" And she replied, "Lot." Yesterday Sydney put her hand on my chin and said to me, "I will always love you forever Mommy." Then she paused and said, "Even when you yell." She keeps me in check. I really could have ate them both up the last 2 days. I think they are happy to be home and couldn't be any cuter. I better get to delivering some babies. Have a wonderful day. Love, Gina

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