Thursday, July 24, 2008

Congrats Ann & Derrick

Congratulations to my cousin Ann on her new baby girl, Hadley Ann who was born today! Hope you are all doing well.

We have been busy the last few days with work at the hospital and work at home. I have really had some great patients lately and that has made my job very rewarding. The girls seemed to fight a lot today and it was really quite annoying. It seems like they know when Steve is travelling so they know when there Mom may have a short fuse. Oh well, we survived and they are all cute in bed.

On my days off I am able to go to the gym at a time when the majority of the clientele is Mom's and blue hairs. I decided I really kind of like that because I just love to eavesdrop on the conversations of the elderly because they just have so much wisdom to offer. I am able to do this because they also have the same hearing capacity as I do! What a great generation, having been through so much and living to tell about it. Living through the depression they seem to have such an appreciation for all that they have. Our gym is really beautiful and it made me smile to hear one of the elderly men talk about it. He said, "When I am showering here I feel like I am in the Taj Mahal!" I realize that it is a privilege to be a parent but I also realize that it is a very difficult task to raise children that have that same appreciation for everything around them when they are blessed with so much. My hope is that we can raise children with the same values and gratitude as we see in our Grandparent's generation.

I am getting a little windy but I would like to ask everyone to remember a little 2 year old girl named Mary in their prayers. She is the daughter of my friend at work and the granddaughter of our nanny Anne. She was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma yesterday. The road ahead of them is going to be very difficult so please remember their family. Love, Gina

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