Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary Erica and Paul!

Happy Anniversary to Erica and Paul, we hope you have a great day! See you soon!

We had a nice and productive weekend but we also had fun too. Kelly came for the weekend and that is always fun. We met the Lori's at a swimming pool down the street on Saturday, the weather was beautiful and the girls had a great time. Tonight we also saw Grandpa and Grandma as they are in town for an appt tomorrow.

Tonight I did something I have tried to avoid since last November.....helped a little in the basement. Steve lured me down there about 9:30pm and around 1230am we came upstairs for parent cookie time. Whew, am I ever pathetically tired. Steve hung his last piece of sheet rock tonight and so I came down to help remove every piece of equipment, tools and trash that we have accumulated since last November. We probably made 3o trips out to the garage and I tried my best not to complain because I know that Steve has been working so very hard on this for months and I finally managed to get my tail downstairs. I probably shouldn't mention to him how sore my hands are from carrying sheet rock out?!?!? Would it be too much for me to ask him for a foot rub after my hard 3 hours of work? Could you imagine his response, I better not. We should be a treat tomorrow since it is almost 2 am. Now we just wait until the taper/mudder is finished. Yeah. Have a great night.

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