Friday, August 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Sis and belated Birthday to Nancy!

We have been away from the blog lately with lots of activities going on. Today is dear Sis's birthday, she was our neighbor on west 3rd street. We miss her but are glad that she is enjoying Foxwood's on her special day! Nancy was our lovely neighbor on Emerson street, we need to celebrate with her soon as we don't live far from her and it has been to long!

The kids' Colorado cousins were in town for a few days and we had a blast. We went to Como Zoo and Steve had the day off so we had a great time all together. We also went to the park, the Mall of America, IKEA and did lots of playing together. Jack and Sydney played so well together and I think on the next visit Tess and Ellis will be old enough to play a little better together too. We had so much fun and look forward to our visit for Jack's birthday. More pictures to follow, I need to get the sheets in the wash. Steve's cousin Jena and her friend stayed last night and tonight-Sun Steve's aunt Carol will be staying for the Uptown Art Fair. Vernon is also coming for a sheet rocking party on Saturday......Always fun at the B's. Have a great weekend. Pictures to follow. Love, Gina

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