Tuesday, September 09, 2008

1st Day of Preschool

Today was Sydney's 1st day of her "last year" of preschool. It is so hard next year she will be in kindergarten. She woke up very excited and happy to go to school which was really nice. She picked out her clothes and we thought she looked cute as a button. Tess would have liked to go with her but she has at least another 5 months at home. Sydney brought home lots of artwork and I heard her telling Tess that she would be able to go to her school soon too. Before dinner we went on a walk together and when we were a few blocks from home I spotted a couple kids out selling candy bars for their basketball team. I all but tackled them to get their attention as this pregnant woman really wanted a candy bar. I pulled out my wallet and realized that I was 60 cents short and I had to have a candy bar at this point. I had no choice but to ask the school kids to walk home with me so that I could find the money I needed to have this candy bar that I so badly needed. Upon returning home I ran into the house and headed straight for Syd's piggy bank. Ahhhhh, she had enough change. Disaster averted and the pregnant woman was able to consume the chocolate that her baby needed. The teenagers must have thought I was a freak. When Syd went into her room and saw that her piggy bank had been tampered with she said, "You need to pay me back for your candy bar!"
Well worth it. Have a great night. Love, Gina

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