Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Sweet B's Gave Me a Very Nice Birthday

We had a great day today. Thank you for all of the nice calls, emails, mail and well wishes, it was such a nice birthday. I am sorry I wasn't able to to talk to everyone but thank you to everyone for thinking of me. We started out yesterday with an ultrasound after lunch. The girls came with which was really interesting. Syd was awesome and held my hand the whole time. Miss Tess was very active and had a lot to say. The baby looked great and checked out healthy which made me very happy and I am breathing easier now. In the afternoon the girls and I planted flowers in the front of the house and had such a nice time. Just in time for the Fall weather. Today was also very nice. After Sydney finished preschool I picked her up and we met my sister Beth for lunch while Tess played at home with our neighbor lady. Tess had a great time and Sydney had fun lunching with the big girls. After lunch while Tess was napping I treated myself to some painting, fun times. We had a nice dinner with the Lori's and then finished up with presents at our house. Sydney picked out a beautiful pink wig for my birthday present. It is exquisite. When I put Syd to bed she was very funny, she said to me, "Why do you think no one came for your birthday?" I explained to her when you get older that celebrations sometimes are smaller. She replied, "Even when I am old I think my Grandma will come to see me on my birthday because she likes me a lot." Then she said, "It is sometimes nice to have a quiet birthday too!" It was nice and I had a great day, thank you everyone, I have so much to be thankful for. Love, Gina

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