Saturday, September 13, 2008

Walk for Auntie Joyce

We had a great day here in Minneapolis, today was the Ovarian Cancer Awareness Walk that some of our family members participated in, in memory of our dear Auntie Joyce. The walk went well and felt very good to do. Of course we wished that Auntie Joyce was there to participate with us. Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures because it was pouring rain. The girls also participated in a little kids race too. They had a ball and when they finished I met Syd at the finish line and she shouted, "Mommy, I won!" Very cute....she didn't win but I am glad that she is so self confident she is delusional! Ha. We spent lots of time together as a family and had a nice day. Steve, Dad, Mike, Vernon and Tom also went to the Gophers game in the afternoon and had a great time. After everyone went home and the kids were in bed Steve and I had a very romantic Saturday night activity....painting and hanging doors in the basement. Please don't be jealous. Actually it wasn't so bad, fun to see the progress.

(Some women make sure they take their prenatal vitamins to insure a healthy baby.....I always make sure I paint at least a few times each pregnancy to insure a healthy baby. Works every time.)

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