Sunday, October 12, 2008

Always Good Helpers

It has been a busy week at our house. Over the weekend Nana & Papa came for a visit, spoiled the girls and we had a nice little visit before I worked the weekend. The girls and Steve kept busy working on projects and having fun while they were at it. During the week I was able to take care of my friend while she was in the hospital having her baby. 16 hours later, I was a little tired but it was well worth it to be there.
And as you can see from the pictures we are hard at work on more projects around here. This morning Steve and I had a "date" while the girls' dear "Grand-neighbors" entertained the girls. We went on a bunch of errands together and one of them even included the Container Store which I have missed since we moved from Boston. We had a great morning together and he even treated me to breakfast....McDonalds. We are high rollers these days. At one point I realized I was wolfing down my food with my hash browns in my hand and the Egg McMuffin in the other, Steve must have looked over at me in the car and fell in love with me all over again at that sight! Nice. I couldn't help it, I was hungry. We had a fun time together as a couple though. After we picked the girls up we got back to work and the girls pitched in too. They really just want to help so badly so I let them "help" paint their new toy box for the basement. They did a great job and hardly any paint on the floor! Steve was installing a new light fixture and he asked me if I could go get the ladder in the garage and Syd quickly replied before I started whining, "She is pregnant." I love that girl. Now the one man show Construction company is still finishing one of his projects in the basement and I am feeling guilty going to bed without him so I babbling away about nothing on the blog.
Last but not least.....20 weeks gestation today (I think.) Half way! Hard to believe it, time is just slipping away and this is really my favorite time of the pregnancy, not tired, lots of energy, happy hormones...wish I could bottle these things up for when I am sleep deprived with a newborn! Have a great night! Love, Gina

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