Monday, October 20, 2008

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Let the babbling begin.......we are on the road again on our way home from Colorado and I am connected, yeah! The GPS says that we should be arriving home at 7:37pm...almost there! Ha. We scooped the kids out of their beds at 5 am and now they are busy watching movies and eating snacks. I am busy trying not to pee my pants because Steve doesn't want to stop until we are out of gas. Oh well, I am trying to relax because he just told me I am being a little dramatic. (Maybe a little.) We just finished visiting Steve's brother Paul, his wife Erica and our niece and nephew Jack and Ellis. We also were able to see Steve's cousin Amy, Jon & Jake, Gillian and Rhett, along with our friends, Jenn, Anna & Evan (sorry we missed you Toby.) We had a great and relaxing time and the kids had so much fun playing together. It was just nice to see the nice lives that everyone has made for themselves. But like Syd said last night, "Too far away." The weather was perfect, so beautiful.. (But not to worry, I drug along coats and mittens for the 70 degree weather!) We had a great visit with family and friends and also a really good ride to Colorado in our little Matrix. The kids have been very good and making us laugh a lot. When we left Mn at 5am on Thursday we encouraged the girls to go back to sleep, Syd replied, "But I don't want to miss the rolling hills!" We reassured her that they were 11 or so hours away! Now we are trucking threw a bazillion miles of Nebraska, lots of cows. Tess is in the sun on this ride and that is such a blessing because talk about drama....Syd was a little bothered by the sun on the way. Like Mother, like daughter. 725 miles to go and just 2 miles from our first stop! Gotta go! Love, Gina & Family

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