Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Ladies Slept In!

This morning Steve tucked me in before he headed out the door. I woke up later and thought to myself, "It looks very light out." I looked at the clock and it said 8:20am. Shortly after that the girls woke up in great moods from a good night's sleep. Syd had preschool at 9 so pathetically that meant we were "rushed." You would think 40 minutes would be adequate time to get 3 people ready for a preschool that is a few blocks away but you know they are all female so it is pushing it. Luckily no clothing issues and we were able to get out the door. 15 minutes after we got home from dropping off Sydney, Tess said to me, "I miss Sydney." Very cute. Now I am finishing up my last shift and heading to Colorado to see the other B's on Thursday morning! I bet the girls and Steve got all packed this evening and I will spend all day tomorrow eating bon bons and watching daytime TV! The charmed life that I lead.

Have a great night, birthday pictures from Kate's birthday party coming soon. Love, Gina

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