Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Paddle boating across America...I mean Lake Harriet.

This is what happens when Tess applies her own sunscreeen.

The steering crew
Our fearless leaders
The sweatiest bunch on Lake Harriet
Ahhhh, cooling off. 
Gabby's relaxing afternoon.
Everyone loves a nap in a hammock.

Our Sunday
Last Sunday we did something I have wanted to do for a while.  We rented a paddle boat and took the girls out on the Lake for a little afternoon of fun.  Looking back I am laughing thinking about all that went on.  There were moments of bliss when I couldn't stop thinking of how wonderful and fun it was (the Hallmark moment that I had imagined)  and then there were moments of whining and not so much bliss.  Let's face it, the girls are a little small for paddle boating so there was really 2 people pedaling the 4 seater and 2 people eating snacks.  The girls pretty much wanted to try every snack in the first 10 minutes of the ride and Steve didn't think this was so cool (note to self, place cooler next to me next time.)  It was pretty fun but we were very sweaty when we returned (see photo above.)  Then we cooled off with a dip in the lake...that was perfect.  While we were out having fun on the Lake, Miss Gabby was having fun with some 1 on 1 attention from the Mullens...thank you!  We were all exhausted by the end of the day.  It was a great weekend with so much fun and I kept thinking about how very blessed we are.  (Even while sweating in the paddle boat.)   It was hard to go back to real life again.  Love, Gina

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