Monday, August 02, 2010

This One is For Their Daddy

Monday morning is here again and our weekend flew by!  Several times a week I jot down my thoughts on our blog and usually they are mostly about the girls but this one is for Steve.  It was my weekend to work and Steve decided to take the girls to the Stearns County Fair and made sure that they had lots of fun all weekend.  Saturday morning he got up, packed all 3 girls for overnight at Nana and Papa's and loaded the girls up for a fun weekend.  What a great Daddy.  To top it off he even emailed me pictures at work!  For Steve to take pictures is a huge deal!  He is such a great Dad and will do pretty much anything for the girls, it makes me so proud of him.  I missed them so much but I know they had a ball and I was working anyway.  As you can see below I took pictures of a very rare scene......our laundry room with no clothes in it. This was taken on is probably already full by now.  Since I am dedicating this blog entry to Steve, I am also posting some pictures of the "Arts and Crafts" room that Steve completed for the girls (and I) a few months ago.  He did a great job and the girls have had hours of fun it.  He also let the girls help him paint the chalkboard wall and they really enjoyed that.  It is so fun to see what he can do with pretty much any little space, he is so handy,  another one of the million reasons that I love him.  Have a great day!  Love, Gina
A very unfamiliar sight, where are the dirty clothes?!?
Arts and Crafts room by Daddy

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