Wednesday, September 15, 2010

18+ month update and deep thoughts

It is true, our sweet baby girl is already over 18 months old!  We had her check up a few weeks ago and she is growing like a weed.  She weighed in at 24 pounds 7oz (50th percentile) and 32.5 inches tall (72nd percentile) and she may give Tess a run for her money in height.  She has changed so much in the last few months, showing off her little personality.  She has quickly learned if she screams really loud we all give in because none of can stand to hear her scream.  Sydney and Tess will pretty much drop any toy for her to avoid her high pitched scream.  On the positive side she is a little cuddler, gives tons of kisses and amazes all of us with her new words each day.  She makes us all smile.  Here are a few pictures I shot of her the other day at a beautiful park by our house.  I really enjoy the time off we have together when Sydney and Tess are at school, it feels like a gift to me and is fun to see her shine "on her own" without her big sisters around.  
It will be a sad when I don't have a little one home with me on my days off, I often reflect about this during downtime.  All the things that I will miss.  It will be a sad day, when we take the crib down for the first time in over 6 years, a sad day when I don't need to throw a diaper in my purse....the cost of diapers has never been an expense that I have calculated, thought about or even cared about, a small price to pay to have another warm cheek to kiss. 

 I can't imagine the day when I don't see this
....the stool by the counter for my little helpers

or walking outside to find this

sidewalk chalk....more evidence of little ones having fun  
or the girls' infamous "squirrel salad" the little salads the girls put together for the neighborhood squirrels.  

The list of things that I love about having little ones goes on forever,
beach towels drying on the patio chairs, little bikes parked on the front lawn, art projects decorating the dining room built ins, kisses whenever I want them and more things than I can list.  Having small children keeps me smiling, humbled, tired at times and most of all feeling blessed.  

There are so many things I don't want to forget and want to appreciate because already I see it all slipping by too fast.  Most of all I just want them to feel loved, love each other and to remember to be thankful.  

Have a good day.  Love, Gina

P.S. On a lighter note, I did think of 1 thing that I won't miss......unflushed toilets.


Stacey said...

So so sweet, Gina.


Naomi said...

Aww Gina--this is so sweet. Made me teary eyed. But then I giggled at the un-flushed toilet comment :) She is darling and I love her hat!

Danica said...

You are so great Gina :) I love you. And those stinkin' cute girls of yours! Can I get an AMEN for blogs?!?! I get to watch them grow up!

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing woman Gina, and to think you are making three more of these amazing women for our future, Thanks.