Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Family and Friends to Love

The weekend was filled with a lot of fun time with friends and family and a little "double booking" so we had to divide and conquer.  We had our annual MOCA walk for ovarian cancer  that we did with my  Mom, Aunts, Uncle and our good friends Kelly and David.  We were all walking in memory of my Aunt Joyce and Kelly's Mom, Connie.  Two wonderful women that sadly had ovarian cancer.  It was nice for all of us to get together and walk for 2 very special people.  Gabby and Sydney came with me for the day and Tess decided to go with Steve to the 1st Gopher game.  As you can see by the photo Steve took on his phone, she was even lucky enough to hang out with Goldie.  The rest of the weekend we had a great time hanging out with my Mom and Kelly and David.  I had a terrible case of the "Sunday's" by  Sunday evening but was able to pull it together and marched my tail to work.  Steve is travelling on business so I wasn't really looking forward to this week but it is now Tuesday and I am doing quite well despite missing my BF.  It can be a bit of a juggle now that school and activities are in full swing and we are running the girls all over.  Swimming, karate, girl scouts and faith formation are all going again so the afternoons and evenings are filled with lots of fun.  It really does take a village so the Lori's helped me out so I could go to a school meeting and my friend Katie brought Tess to school this morning so I could take Syd to the pediatrician.  Luckily she doesn't have pink eye and her seasonal allergies are just in overdrive.  Just a little wasted time and a copay to put me at ease.  (Nice.) RN after my name, when it comes to my own children means Really Naive....not Registered Nurse.  Someday when they have babies I can be helpful to them!!!! Ha.  Have a great day.  Love, Gina

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Stacey said...

That picture of Tess cracks up me! Thinking of you!