Monday, October 25, 2010

Daytime Buddies

I have been away from the blog for a while enjoying some time with the ladies on my stretch off.  As usual the time went too fast and was hard to get back into nurse mode.  We had a great time off together doing the ordinary things that seem to keep us all happy like walking to the library, a breakfast at our favorite pastry shop, swimming lessons, park time, friend time, lots of baking and playing together.  Sydney was off for MEA for two days and I appreciated it so much.  No one told me how much I would love having her home for full days after she started going to full days of school.  She was home for 2 days and we all really had a nice time together.  Sydney and Tess were pretty cute and seemed to really enjoy being reunited as daytime buddies.  They played so well together and made me so proud.  Over the weekend they all hung out with Steve and had a great time.  Besides playing with the kids Steve did all of the laundry which is no small thing so I was very grateful for that.  Not exactly what I enjoy using my downtime to do so I was very excited!  Here are a few pictures from last week.  The girls playing beauty parlor and frosting their pumpkin muffins.  Notice in the last one that Tess got into my make up while left unattended.  She did a great job didn't she?  It is nice that over time these things don't really make me come unglued anymore.  I am desensitized and have bigger fish to fry.   6 years into this Mom gig I am finally starting to let go of things always being in complete control and keeping things "perfect."  I have embraced Tess's undying urge to crawl on the floor at home and in public places, I laughed when I caught Gabby chewing gum the other day and then pulled out the video camera.  20 months is the appropriate time to start chewing gum right?  (For the 3rd child it is!)  Soon we will take Gabby's training wheels off too!  ha.  I hope everyone has a great week.  Love, Gina

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Stacey said...

That last one of Tess totally cracked me up! Too cute!