Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bouncing Around

The weekend came and went in a flash.  We had a really good time at Kate's 4th birthday party.  They had a bounce house "for the kids."  But quite honestly the adults enjoyed it as much as the kids.  We even kicked the kids out a few times so we could do an "adults only" jump.  It was a blast and when it was over Tess said to me, "I don't want to rent a bounce house for my birthday Mommy, I want to buy one."  Too funny.  We were all exhausted when the party was over.  Now we are well into the week and I am already sad that my stretch off will soon be over.  On my stretch off there is never a dull moment and I get into the groove for "being the Mom."  Yesterday I volunteered at Sydney's school which is always a hoot.  I love to hear all that the children have to say and love to see how happy it makes the girls when they have a parent in the classroom.  I wish I could put Gabby on a leash and do it more often!  ha.  Today was Tess's school conferences and (big sigh of relief) Tess's teacher said she loves to have her in the classroom because she is so much "fun."  Yes, our Tess is a lot of fun, in fact she doesn't know how not to have fun so I am glad that her teacher appreciates it.  The teacher went over a few things and one of the things that she showed us was letter recognition....she underlined the letters that Tess recognized, they were: T, E and S.  Brilliant, I wonder how she knew those?  Kind of funny since I know she knows more than that but can't be bothered.  Otherwise not much else is new around here, we are still having a beautiful fall, still running outside in a t-shirt and no jacket, so nice.  Have a great night. Love, Gina

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