Sunday, October 03, 2010

Why I Don't mow the lawn

It is a slippery slope and it is a task I promised I would never add to my list.   What is it you ask?  Mowing the lawn!  We don't have a very big yard but it is as much as we want to take care of and I have made a point to let the task of mowing the lawn stay Steve's.  3 children, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a job outside the home, I have never felt the urge or the extra time to move me to mow it and Steve does a great job so why mess with a good thing?  On Friday I was feeling like Steve has been busting his butt all week and made a point to make my birthday so nice I thought I would surprise him and mow the lawn.  See the photo above and you will see why I don't ever mow the lawn.  This is how Miss Gabby looked after occupying herself in the yard while I cut the grass.  Make sure you enlarge it so you get the full affect of the snotty nose.  What a sight.  I didn't photograph the grass because that also looked just as bad!  When Steve came home he told me he thought to himself. "I hope she didn't pay someone to make the lawn look like that!"  Not to worry, he won't make any more comments about me not mowing the lawn again!  (My plan worked!)

The Week in Review
We had a nice week together with beautiful weather.  The week flew by.  I visited my friend and her beautiful new baby boy.  I had lunch with my friend Kelly and had a very nice birthday massage thanks to a gift card from a friend I had been saving for a long time.  Now I am back to work and the weekend is almost over.  Steve and Tess went to the football game with Steve's cousin Chris and his wife Lindsay.    They had a great time but no photographs.   Today was another great Fall day and we took the girls to the park and it was a great afternoon to be outside.  I wish it could be fall forever.  Now I need to gear up to stay up all night!  Have a great week!  Love, Gina  


Danica said...

Dear God that may be my favorite picture you have EVER posted!!!!!!

Naomi said...

Ha! What a great photo. Thanks for the laugh! :)