Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Close the Toilet and Hug your Family

It seems like forever since I have had a moment to sit down and dish on what has been going on with us.  I find if unbelievable that is already November.  Last week I was able to spend a day with my special friend that is moving to Ireland this month.  It was wonderful to see her and sad to see her move.  Thanks Vicki for helping me out, the girls had a great time!  

  This week is already flying by.  I am barely able to keep my eyes open after staying awake all night.  I know I must be tired because I have LeAnn Rimes on in the background and just cried with her when she cried about missing her childhood.  (You know we are such close personal friends.)  This is a talent I inherited from my Mom, being able to weep about people I don't even know and have never met.  Not necessarily a bad thing but can be embarrassing in public.  On a more serious note I have shed tears on the story of the Bucklin family who lost their husband/dad and 3 sons in the plane crash in Wyoming.  The 3 sons went to Sydney's school when they were younger and also go to the girls' karate school.  I just can't even imagine the pain that their family is going through losing 4 loved ones at once.  I can't imagine how heartbroken they are.  Please remember their family in your prayers and squeeze your family extra tight tonight.  

On a lighter note, the girls have been keeping us busy.  Steve came home from work early yesterday and today and I decided I really like this.  Parenting together at all times is really the way to do things.  The ironic thing is that despite both of us being home Gabby manages to sneak by us in her devious ways.  (Don't read this if you have a weak stomach.)  At some unattended moment Gabby threw a washcloth and a Tupperware container in the toilet.  No one noticed, not even the child that went #2 on top of it!  Luckily it was noticed before flushing and that is when I heard an urgent scream of "Mom!"  We all know I am a Labor and Delivery Nurse and it takes a lot to disgust me but guess what?  This did disgust me.  It took everything in me not to throw up.  Chalk this one up as another great unattended toddler story.  Who are her parents?  Where were they?  All very good questions that I can't answer.  Probably eating bon bons.  Have a great night!  Love, Gina

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Jilanne said...

I heart you Gina! :) I cry at dumb things like that all the time -- must always be the lack of sleep! And I think you need to get some gloves from work to keep at home..... :):)