Sunday, November 07, 2010

Come Back Weekend!

I am sad the weekend is over, we had such a great time together as a family.  We caught up around home, had a nice visit from the Salfer ladies and enjoyed a majority of the weekend outside.  Today we walked to the lake and went to the park while we were there.  The weather was perfect and we all had a great time.  A little hard to believe all that our baby can do these days.  A great weekend and I am too tired to talk about any chaotic, weird things that happened, because you know something ridiculous always happens!  More later.  Have a great week.  Love, Gina
Miss Tess looking like she is up to something.  
Miss Gabby thinking about how she can be more like her sisters.  
Look out, who knows what she is going to do next.  
She looks like some certain relative I know.  
Nothing can stop a 6 year old.  

Trying to hang with the big girls, with her favorite treat in her mouth (gum.)

How could we not enjoy a park surrounded by this?!  No wonder we love this city of lakes.  

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