Friday, November 05, 2010

I want to wrap my arms around them forever.

Another good day with our girls, makes me sad to see it over.  In the last post I referenced my tendency to cry about strangers and random people and it hit me again.  This time on the treadmill at the gym this morning (this is not the first time this has happened.)  This time it was watching the story about the child with cerebral palsy that was being bullied by other kids.  Kids were bullying her, spitting in her hair, picking on her and her Father lost it and was put in jail for his actions and poor judgment.  This story made me sick on so many levels, first of all, how is our society raising such cruel children?  Why does this have to happen?  Secondly, I know the Father of the girl didn't handle things well but I think to myself how Steve wanted to handle the neighbor cat that bit Tess last year,  I can't even imagine how we would feel if other children were being so cruel to our own children.    This whole thing just makes me so sad.  So of course when I got in the car with the girls to go back home we had a 10 minute lecture on "bullying, treating others the way you want to be treated and who to tell if someone is making you or your friends miserable."  Sydney seemed to take the discussion to heart, Tess had a glazed over look and Gabby just did what she does best, she smiled.  I chose this picture that my friend Stacey took as I think it describes how I feel, I just want to hold all 3 of them forever and protect their innocent little lives from any sadness.  I wish this was possible.  Have a great weekend.  Love, Gina


Charlie and Jessica said...

That is the most amazing picture!!

Jilanne said...

LOVE this picture and absolutely LOVE the new picture your have for the header of your blog page! Miss you friend! :)