Tuesday, November 09, 2010

It Seemed Crazy

I really do have a million things to do but nothing sounds as nice as sitting in our porch for a few minutes while our babe is napping and Tess is having quiet time.  Imagine that, November, sitting in the porch with the windows and screen door open.  This does not happen in Minnesota.  I promised myself when I moved back to Minnesota I wouldn't go on and on about the weather but this is unbelievable, I can't help but talk about it.  I am in heaven.  

Today is a nice day, much calmer than yesterday.  Yesterday started out so nice, under control and just so June Cleaver-like.  Started out is the key words.  The events as they happened.  
  • Hit snooze about 50 times before I decided it wasn't a "gym day."  (I am sure my BF didn't notice the noise in our full size bed.)
  • Finally got out of bed, Steve and I both got the girls ready and were out the door by 0730.
  • I took the 3 girls to the dentist before school.  Everyone did so well, Gabby sat so well, I felt so happy, confident.  I had the world by the tail.  
  • We left the dentist and drove Sydney to school (on the way she asked me about 50 times if she was going to be late, lucky girl inherited my anxious mind.)
  • Dropped Sydney off at school
  • Took Tess and Gabby to the pediatrician for shots and a benign rash (why do I always bring my girls in for stupid things like contact dermatitis?  I am a nurse for God's sake?  Why can't I just not worry about it?  I guess if my girls were "crowning" I would know what to do...otherwise  I just take them in! ) While we were there Gabby got a flu shot so it wasn't a complete waste of time.
  • Stopped at Brueggers because I realized I had fed everyone breakfast but myself and was turning into a beast!  Girls were good, still feeling happy once my sugar was up. 
  • Home again with a little time to play outside in the gorgeous weather before lunch and naps.    Still feeling pretty happy.  
  • While the girls napped I pulled the house together and got ready for Monday afternoon's craziness.  Things like packing snacks and loading 5 car seats in the truck for our carpool to swimming. 
  • After naps, took Tess to karate, finished at 4:30, gave Gabby a banana to eat in the car, picked up Sydney from Spanish at 4:40pm and then drove home to load the truck with the 5 kiddos for swimming.  
  • Loading the girls and Alex for swimming, Syd crying because Tess hid her dentist prize from the morning.  All children unhappy with the placement of their car seats, Gabby crying because I  realized she was eating the banana peeling and I took it away.  Closed the door of the truck and thought about taking my hearing aid battery out.  Now not feeling as happy.  
  • Arrive at swimming, meet my Sissy.  Tess is trying to get 11 month old Alex out of the 3 row car seat...not good.  
  • 5:45pm, everyone in the building for lessons, Sydney unhappy with color of swim goggles, ignored child, crisis averted.  
  • Steve had some consulting work he needed to do so I foolishly offered for him to skip swimming  lessons, go home and work and I will take care of the children for the day and evening so he can get his work done.  (Seemed like a good idea on Sunday.)  
  • 7pm, everyone done with swimming lessons, everyone showered, everyone hungry and tired AND it is pitch dark thanks to daylight savings.
  • Get into the truck, drive, stop at the grocery store to pick up dinner because all weekend it was too nice out to do the one thing I needed to do for our family of five....GET GROCERIES.
  • 7:15pm HOME.  Set everyone up to eat, try not to snarl at Steve since this was MY bright idea.  Fed the children and myself.  
  • Gabby went and sat on the potty, something she has been doing a little lately.  We all thought it was very cute when she closed the door for privacy.  
  • We gave her a few minutes and then went to check on her, we couldn't....she had locked the door. Nice.  She kept saying threw the door, "Poop, poop."  We kept saying, "Unlock the door."  She didn't.  
  • Steve figured out a way to unlock the antique door and she was freed.  She did poop, she wasn't lying.  
  • Gabby to bed.
  • Tess to bed.
  • Homework with Sydney.
  • Sydney to bed.
  • Put away dinner dishes, emptied the dishwasher....10pm.  
  • What happened to the confident, happy Mom from this morning?  It felt like such a well oiled machine in the morning and now I felt defeated by my very own fatigue.  
  • I put away some laundry and crawled into bed.  Steve took a break and came up to talk to me.  He said, "I was thinking, this might work really well if we take turns taking a night to do our own thing and the other spouse taking care of the kids."  I smiled and nodded like the team player in me told me to do, I put aside any urges to punch him.  After all, it was my idea...next time, not on a Monday.  
Had a wonderful nights sleep, woke up and went to the gym, Tess was excited about Steve volunteering at school, Steve told me I looked nice,  everyone was happy and I felt happy again.  Amazing what a little sleep will do.  It all seemed so crazy to me by the end of the day yesterday but when I look back today I think "What was the big deal?"  I can be such a drama queen.  Have a great day!  Love, Gina  


Jen P said...

You do more in one day than I do all week! I'm amazed at you and the wonderful mom you are. I can only hope to be as patient and as good mom as you are.!

SarahT said...

Wow. Just reading your days events made my head spin. :) Can't believe you managed all that and still had sanity at the end of the day. And how can you possibly get up and out the door by 7:30 with 3 kids? I need some of your juice!!