Saturday, November 13, 2010

tess is large and in charge

After a few days in NY my BF is back home and we are all happy, especially me.  I am a big girl now and am fairly used to him travelling but that doesn't mean that I enjoy it.  We were all very excited to see him and Steve and I even went on a little "date" on Thursday night.  Isn't that young and hip of us to go out on a Thursday night?!  Actually it was only because I am working the weekend.  Never the less, we enjoyed some time out. 

Yesterday was the first day that I took a pre-night shift nap since Tess has stopped napping.  What this means is, Sydney is at school, Gabby is napping, I am napping and Tess has free run of the house....scary.  She is 4.5 years old, I knew that eventually would have to give in to her not napping.  This is how the story went.
1.I laid Gabby down for a nap. 
2.I gave Tess specific rules of the house when Mommy has to nap
  -don't answer the locked door
  -don't answer the phone
  -don't wake me if there isn't any blood or fire
  -don't get Gabby out of her crib
 (very specific and simple rules.)
3.I laid down for a quick nap because 1 hour of napping=a full nights sleep, correct?
4.I wake up by my alarm. (very good, she didn't wake me.)
5.Gabby is still sleeping (she didn't wake her either, good job.)
6.I go downstairs...what will I find?
7.Tess is at the bottom of the stairs...all in one piece, I don't smell smoke, no blood, looks good. 
-This is how our conversation went:
Tess: "Hi Mom, how was your nap."
Me;"Good, how are you."
Tess:"Good, I talked to Auntie Erica on the phone and she will call back." (Answered the phone, nice.)  And the delivery man came to the door and gave us a package.  I opened it for you, I like the Christmas cards, do you want to see them?"  Completely unaware of any rule breaking.  "I waited until the man left and then I went and brought the package in for you, wasn't that good?"....looks like we need another rule tutorial.  sigh.  Lucky she is so cute.  Have a great weekend.  Love, Gina

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Jenni said...

Ha ha ha, Gina you are so funny! I love how Tess waited until the guy left to grab the package.