Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It is looking a lot like Christmas!

We have been busy around here getting ready for Christmas and the girls have been enjoying every little detail.  On Saturday we picked out a tree and since it was cold we didn't take long to pick the "perfect" tree.  Considering how quickly we picked it out, it is a really pretty tree.  Sunday we decorated after Kelly left and just like last year we didn't start early enough so at dinner time dinner table still looked like a bomb went off so we had a little sushi picnic in the living room.  It is hilarious to watch Gabby use her chopsticks in her own way.  She does a pretty good job spearing sushi.  I really should videotape it.  Decorating for Christmas with a 21 month old is really not all that magical.  She pretty much opens and touches everything and then drops it where ever she is standing.  It was a long process.  But is is cute to hear her say, "Pretty" now that the decorations are all up.  Sydney and Tess are so excited for Christmas already.  I only wish the days were longer so I could accomplish a little more, oh well, there is always tomorrow.  Have a good night.  Love, Gina
Looking for the perfect tree.
This little girl wasn't even walking last year when we went tree shopping!
This one will be a teenager soon!
Our sushi picnic.

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Naomi said...

How fun! I'm so impressed your girls eat sushi! Owen has training chopsticks..super cute....I bet gabby could master those! Hugs to you!