Sunday, December 12, 2010

Enjoying the Winter Wonderland

Our weekend sadly went too fast with a lot of activity and a change of plans but still a lot of fun.  The girls spent some time with the Mullens so we can have a little time to ourselves.  The girls had a ball and so did we.  Kelly was in town to tie up a few loose ends and lucky for us her flight was cancelled so we had an extra day with her!  Yeah.  We enjoyed hanging out with her, doing some Christmas baking and watching the record snowfall.  Steve enjoyed blowing out the a good portion of the block and we enjoyed the fire inside.  Today the whole family went to the park to do some sledding.  It was quite a workout just walking to the park in very deep snow.   Now all of our fun has came to a screeching halt...
a bazillion loads of laundry, Tess is now the barfing child and Monday is now around the corner.  Booo. Have a great week!
Love, gina

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