Thursday, December 16, 2010

Eventually Everyone Will Have It.

The last few days have been crazy here with everyone being sick at some point.  It is now down to just Gabby and I under the weather.  I thought Gabby was better but she just threw up twice this evening so clearly she isn't 100 percent.  Nothing more fun than scrubbing rugs when you don't feel too hot yourself.  But I didn't think Steve would appreciate it if I left if for him when he returns from NY tomorrow evening.  Tempting though.  Despite being under the weather I have tried to step it up to work on Christmas prep and going to the Girls' programs at school.  They were very cute and Tess enjoyed showing off her program for Greg too.  She missed the last 2 days of school but rallied today for her program.  She is still pretty mellow which brings her closer to a "normal child's" energy level.  Sydney had an idea that we could have a dinner picnic so I could lay down next to them while they ate.  It was a great idea and very cute too.  Gabby didn't eat anything.....later I figured out why.  Hmmm.   She was acting fine and the girls were playing with her in their Halloween Costumes, now Gabby's costume isn't smelling very good.  Decreased the resale on that one!  That is about it, missing my BF pretty badly but keeping my chin up.  Have a great weekend!  Love, Gina

After School Spanish Program
Preschool Holiday Program
Dinner Picnic for the Lazy Mommy


AnaVolovsek said...

Love Love Love the picnic idea! Way to go Syd! Hope you're feeling better soon! Love ya!

Jenni said...

Love the picnic idea! We may have to try this soon! Oh no, why is it that crap happens when the hubby is away??? Hope you're doing better my dear!