Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  Pictured above is one of my favorite Christmas scenes at our house.  The girls love to rearrange the nativity scenes and they received a new one from two special people and Tess likes to arrange it will her dog figurine to "guard Jesus."  I think it is kind of a riot.

We had a great afternoon.  I slept for a while after returning home from delivering babies and then we met friends and family at church.  We came home to a wonderful dinner of crab legs for the adults and ham for the girls, homemade bread and baked potatoes.  The girls drank their milk out of our crystal wine glasses and we ate our dinner on our china.  Tess led us in a toast before burping and we had a great time.  The girls cleared the table quickly because they were excited to open presents and now everyone is tucked in, Santa has been here and I am exhausted.  I poured a glass of Baily's on the rocks for Steve and I and Sydney asked me, "Is that for Santa?"....kind of!  Have a wonderful night and to my dear friends delivering babies in Mn and Ma tonight, I am thinking of you, you are doing a great service during the holiday.   May your epidurals work well and your patients push effectively.  Love, Gina

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Danica said...

Amen! Enjoy your morning fun and let it be known... I still wish you were here :)