Thursday, December 02, 2010

What a Week!

The week flew by as usual, I am sad to go back to work tomorrow.  This week was eventful and expensive I better go back to work.  Monday we had someone come in to clean out our chimney (in preparation for Santa.)  In true form I stayed in bed until the doorbell rang so Steve went to the door, gave the instructions while I freshened up (put a baseball hat on.)  I brought the circus downstairs and the man came around the corner and I thought to myself, "He looks creepy."  And he probably thought to himself, "She looks like an unmade bed."  (I was looking like a million bucks in my baseball hat, low rise pj bottoms which lets be honest, for a person who has carried 3 full term pregnancies, they should be called "oops my crack is showing bottoms.)  Kids running all around.  We were a hot mess.  Long story long, this man and I spent a majority of the morning together, the chimney had all sorts of problems and in the end cost $430.  Not good.  Tuesday was a great day, Greg took Gabby for a few hours, I did some Christmas shopping and then was back and ready to be a Mom again.  Wednesday the heat in the condo in Boston stopped working.  Several calls later I think/hope it is working.  Thursday, Steve is till is out of state, I am trying to be a big girl but hanging by a thread.  Woke up to my teeth chattering.  Looked at the thermostat, 59 degrees.  Nice, our heat isn't working either.  Really?  Really?  So glad we had it checked out at the beginning of the season, really has made a difference.  Not.  So here I am on my laptop with my hood up in the family room.  Expensive week.  Glad game:  We are all happy and healthy.  Have a great weekend.  Love, Gina

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