Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy 2011!  It is so hard for me to believe it is already 2011.   I have been away from the blog and personal email since Christmas and haven't missed the "outside world" a bit.  I have a million pictures that I would like to post when I have a spare minute but haven't had a chance.  Christmas with the girls and Steve was wonderful and over in a flash.  The week following Christmas was also a ball, Steve was supposed to fly to NY for the week and due to weather his trip was cancelled.  Yeah!  So we had the week home together unexpectedly and had a ball.  We went ice skating, played with our new toys, watched movies and hung out.  It was the family time together that we needed.  As I get older I now realize more than ever that time is the only commodity that really matters.  Last night before I left for work we had a nice little New Year's Eve dinner of sushi by candlelight and milk in wine glasses.  The girls enjoyed it and the adults really did too.  It was really hard to say goodbye to our time off together but there are babies to be born and Steve will be flying to NY and I will be flying solo so we will have a busy week ahead of us.  2010 was a wonderful year for us and we are looking forward to 2011!  Resolutions sounds so negative to me so I will make predictions instead. 

2011 Predictions for the Sweet B Family:
  • We will be taking a trip to Ireland for a special wedding celebration! 
  • Steve and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary!
  • I will be meeting Steve at one of his work travel trips and spending a few days alone with him!  So exciting!
  • Gabby will move to a big girl bed sometime.  (No exclamation point because that is sad to me.)
  • Sydney will lose more teeth.
  • Tess will lose her first tooth and hopefully not chip any more. 
  • I will complain less about Steve's travel because I will put on my big girl pants.  (He works so hard full time and I get to be home more with the girls.)
  • I will start my new awesome work schedule (bye, bye 8 hour shifts, thank you for not killing me and making me stronger.  You will not be missed.)
  • We will have a fabulous summer together, the girls all are perfect ages. 
  • I will watch this video to remind myself of what is important.
  • I will watch this video to use my time wisely. 
  • I will take more time for ME, it will be make me a better Mother, Wife and Friend.
  • I will utilize"the village" more,  People relied on "the village" for years, why do I think that being a working Mom with a travelling husband that I don't need the village?!  (Thank you everyone for being part of my village.)
  • I will remember to focus on the positive, thank God for all of my blessings and work hard to set a good example for the young women we are guiding into adulthood. 
Looking forward to a wonderful 2011.  Happy New Year to my family and friends.  Love, Gina

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Naomi said...

Happy new year to you my dear friend! What an exciting year ahead for you! Love ya!