Thursday, January 06, 2011

I am Learning

Here is a List of Things I Am Learning Since Steve Has Been Out Of State (Since Sunday):
  • Dirty diapers don't walk there way from the outside steps to the trash barrel?  Who knew?
  • They must now be recommending skim milk for 20 month olds because that is all we have left in the fridge and I am not trucking the circus to the grocery store.  
  • Studying with Syd for her spelling test has lost its glory after 4 nights in a row.  (Sydney's level of stress is similar to the stress of a person studying for the ACT or the bar exam.)
  • If your child lost their gloves in January a few generations ago, there would probably be a spanking and "Too bad, so sad" involved but our generation trucks the whole family out on an excursion to replace them.  
  • What happens while the girls are alone, does not stay where the girls are alone....all secrets are shared on the phone with Daddy...example: "Daddy, Mommy yelled when....., Mommy ordered pizza..."  etc, etc.  
  • Any mess left out when I go to bed is still there waiting for me when I wake up.
  • When I actually have the right attitude.....this isn't so bad.  
1 more day!  (but who is counting.)

Have a great night!  Love, Gina

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