Monday, February 28, 2011

Family Updates:

The week flew by and now Steve is back in town for the weekend.  Yipee!  The girls are getting to enjoy him more than I am as it is my weekend to work.  They are enjoying a family visit from Nana and Papa and a visit from the Kircher family. 

The girls are doing well and had a good week.  I had the crazy idea to kill two birds with one stone and took the two girls for their well child visits on the same day and brought Tess along for fun.  Lesson learned, stupid idea.  Their are only 2 chairs in the pediatricians office and this doesn't work well for 4 people.  I am good with sharing a chair but I know 3 other little people that weren't keen on sharing that morning.  I say, "Let the 2 year old have what she wants so she doesn't scream."  And Tess says, "I am going to fight to the bitter end because I deserve what I had first." (Despite my Mom trying to hear what the Dr has to say.)  Long story long we made it out in one piece and I had shreds of pride and integrity left.  I think my pediatrician walks on water so I try to impress him with my well behaved children but there was no disguising that morning. 

Here are the new stats for Sydney and Gabby:
Miss Sydney:
Weighing in at 42.8 pounds (13th percentile) and 44 inches tall (3rd percentile) consistently our little peanut.  Her adult height will probably be around 5-2, taking after Auntie Beth. 
Miss Gabby:
Weighing in at 27 pounds (63rd percentile) and 35.8 inches tall (93rd percentile)  Her adult height will probably be around 5-9. 

Everyone is healthy and growing at their own pace.  Miss Sydney is growing up too fast.  A week ago we were lucky enough to be invited to the Chris Tomlin concert with our friends Mandy and her 2 oldest daughters.  Sydney and I had such a nice time together.  It was fun to see her so excited and to have some time out together.  Tess is still the little joker and told me that she came in and combed my hair in my sleep today, I believed her and she said, "Just kidding."  Gabby is working on being in charge of the house or at least getting her way 100 percent of the time.  Not much else for updates for us, Steve is flying out again Monday and we will be back to an all girls party for few  Much chocolate will be consumed by me.  Have a great week!  Love, Gina

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