Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Frosty the Snowman and other Big Events

I have received emails asking if I am alive and okay because I have been away from the blog for so long...yes and yes to those questions.  Crazy?  Maybe but okay.   So much has happened since my last entry, I don't know where to start, nothing life shattering but all important to us.  Let's go back to my last weekend to work, Steve was super dad and did so many fun things with the kids.  Here is a list of them.
  • Sold Girl Scout Cookies with Sydney (would you like to buy some?)
  • Took all 3 girls swimming at Lifetime Fitness Pool with Steve's cousin and her family.
  • Took Sydney and Tess to Simply Jane Studio where they had lot of fun. It is an adorable little place down the street where they can paint their own artwork.  Sydney painted a picture and Tess painted a dog bowl...hmm.  She is killing me with her wanting a dog.  She talks about it all of the time and I heard someone ask her when she is getting a dog and she replied, "When Mommy decides to move out."  (This is because I said I will move out if I have something more to take care of.)  In her eyes that solves it...Mommy should move out!
  • We also went to Sweets Bakeshop as a family, an adorable little place that just opened within walking distance from our house!  Yeah! 
After Steve was done being super dad he took a bit of reprieve and had a little college ski reunion in Montana with some of his buddies.  We missed him but were glad he was able to have some time away.  (I can even say that without snickering since Steve and I had some time away together a few weeks ago!)  While he was out of town we visited my Mom and Dad and had a great time hanging out.  We really enjoyed building a snowman, you will notice that Gabby wasn't on the snowman photos as she didn't much enjoy the snow up to her shoulders.  When I couldn't carry her through the snow anymore I brought her in to hang with Grandma.  We also enjoyed some time with my 2 nieces. 

We came back home to a nice dinner at the Mullens and then after that it was back to reality and everything that didn't get done while Steve was away and I was working or out of town.  I do like to brag when I feel like I have the world by the tail and in all fairness also openly admit when I feel like a mess.  From Sunday night until about 3am this morning I felt like a mess.  Right now I am thanking God that I am feeling better.  Drugs you ask?  No. Alcohol?  No.  It is called the possibility of my stretch off.   I was longing for some time to pull it all together and also to get ready for 2 special people's birthday festivites.   Steve politely asked me before I left for work last evening, "Is there anything I need to do for Sydney's party?"  (AKA, "have you even started getting ready for it Gina?!")  I can let myself get very overwhelmed if I stop and think about the things that I need to do.  Usually things that don't really need to get done.  Now all I really need to do is get some sleep.  If only I didn't need sleep, things would be so much easier.  Have a great day!  Love, Gina

P.S. We will close with a Super Mom story:
Conversation with Sydney yesterday morning:
Sydney: "I don't feel well, my tummy hurts and I have a headache." 
Mom:  "I think you are okay, now lets get ready for school "
Sydney goes to school.
Sydney gets off of the bus at the end of the day.
Sydney: "My throat, neck and stomach hurt."
Mom: "I am sorry, let's take your temp."
We take a trip to the pediatrician.
Strep Throat. 
 Mom of the Year.   

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