Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Lessons in labor and delivery for Miss Tess

I don't have a lot of exciting things to report on but always want to jot down a few things for the girls' "memory books."  The weekend was glorious home together, I could have cried when it was over.  The girls and Steve went sledding, Sydney tested and advanced in her karate level, we plugged away at some family lists and school fundraisers and just had a nice time together. 

Some notable quotes from Miss Tesser that I don't want to forget:
She has a latest obsession with Justin Bieber and Taylor "Smith" (Swift) and has a lot of questions for me about them as if they are my personal friends.  The other day she asked me, "When is Taylor Smith going to have a baby?"  I said, "She is still very young and I am not even sure if she has a boyfriend."  She replied, "Do you think we will be invited to her wedding?" 

She also as you know has an obsession with pretty much any animal, especially dogs.  One day I watched marathon YouTube videos of different animals having babies with her(a labor and delivery nurse's dream)  she was so funny because she kept naming animals that she wanted to see and I would pull them up for her and then she wanted to see a "Mom"  deliver.  Later she told Steve, "The cat was very noisy having her kittens and the lady was very naked, not good."  I laughed and Steve shook his head in disbelief of the use of our free time.  I thought it was time well spent and Tess's reaction was priceless.  Only Tess could sit through these videos and be unfazed.  Maybe she too will be a labor and delivery nurse!   Have a great day.  Love, Gina

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AnaVolovsek said...

LOVE IT! So funny, because Lila caught a birth on "A Baby Story" and was completely fascinated, then proceeded to tell Ryan all about it when he got home! These girls... what are we to do with them?! :)