Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break Adventures

The girls are on spring break this week and we have been having all sorts of adventures.  At the beginning of the week Sydney, Tess and I enjoyed an afternoon at Simply Jane doing some painting together.  It is a great little place close to home and we always enjoy our time there.  Our little artists did a nice job on their artwork.   At one point Tess was painting away and I told her she should slow down and she said, "I want to beat Sydney!" Always an opportunity for a race.  

Sadly my dear Aunt Julie lost her Mom this week so while Steve was in Virginia for work we packed up the 3 girls along with Beth and Kate for an overnight trip to Wisconsin to pay our respects.  The girls did beautifully on the trip and at the funeral home and were so excited to stay in a hotel.  Admittedly, I also am like a child in this way and love staying in hotels.  Weird, I know.  We had a snack picnic, watched movies and went swimming.  We all had a nice time together and I had fun hanging out with my Sister and doing a lot of laughing at the hotel and on the drive.  At times things were a little chaotic but we all returned in one piece....bruised pieces but in one piece.  In the hustle of loading up the car I leaned over to pick up a water bottle that fell on the ground, in the 2 seconds I turned away, people got shuffled around and Miss Gabby fell out of the truck!!!!  She caught herself with her head, not good but she was tough and recovered quickly.  (And not to worry, I recovered that water bottle that was dropped...nice.)  I felt terrible but she did well and seems to have forgiven her Mom for letting this happen.  

We returned home yesterday afternoon and I was exhausted after traveling with the children and all of the activity.  Steve arrived shortly after we returned home and said he was tired after a long day of traveling and a delayed flight.  Whew, what do you think would be more tiring?  A. Packing, traveling across country with 4 children in a snowstorm and staying overnight  Or B. Packing for 1, waiting alone in an airport (delayed) and flying first class both ways?   Hmmmmm, take your time, I know it is a tough call, okay, I thought you would see it my way.  Sorry honey, I win.  (by the way, he does read this and knows I have to tease him about "who has it more rough."  Good clean fun.)  He did do a boatload of laundry folding for us in the evening (thank you!) and I headed to work with dreams of going to sleep at 0830.  I did it and now I must get to bed.  Have a great day!  Love, Gina


Stacey said...

I love seeing you in pictures and I love that last one of Tess kissing your head.

Miss you.

Jenni said...

HA HA HA! Gina, once again, you made me laugh out loud! I hear you on the traveling husband thing. It's quite tiresome for the guy ;)