Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break, I am very sad to see you go.

It is Sunday night, I have the "Sundays" pretty bad, if it wasn't for my BF sitting next to me I would have the Sundays even worse.  After a week and weekend that seemed like the perfect balance of playing and catching up at home, it is very sad to see it be over.  Spring break in my opinion is a great time to be a Mom/Parent because everything is just a little more fun, easier and less intense.  Less watching the clock, less doing things because we have to and more doing things because we want to.  We finished off the weekend with some errands, had a sleep over with our niece, tried out a new eatery (  3 blocks from our house (yummy) and after church Miss Gabby hung out with Greg and Nancy while the rest of us enjoyed a few games of bowling.  We had a ball and the girls were a riot to watch.  In the afternoon Sydney decided she wanted to bake and baked a pan of brownies all by herself!  I think she is going to be as in love with the Kitchen Aid as I am someday.  It is unbelievable to me how much they are growing up.  Yesterday I said to Tess, "I am sad that you are growing up so fast," she replied, "I am sad that when I am grown up you will be old!"  Nice.  Poor Tesser picked up strep throat again and we made a trip to the pediatrician again on Friday.  They put her on a much stronger antibiotic and she was feeling better by Saturday morning.  The antibiotic was $95 after insurance so I had high expectations of it!  This evening she started getting hives all over and probably is having an allergic reaction to this medicine.  Ug.  We started the Benadryl and we will be going to the Dr. in the morning.  Boo.  Since the medicine cost more than a fancy bottle of wine I think I may make us some steaks and pair it with the medicine.....I mean someone needs to drink it, I can't pour it down the drain?   The pediatrician's triage person laughed when I told her someone in this house is going to finish that bottle.  (I am sure she thought I was crazy and a little too relaxed about the reaction.  She didn't see Sydney's reaction 4 years ago.)  We will see what they say in the morning.  Right now Sydney and Tess are sleeping together for the 2nd night in a row, this really makes me smile.  Long story long, the weekend is over, we ended it with a family dance party and now I am very excited for Summer to be here along with it's relaxed schedule.  Have a great week.  Love, Gina

Bowling Fun

1st Time Baking Solo! sniff, sniff

Art Work from Simply Jane

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