Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dear Week, Oh how I have loved you.

If you are wondering what the colored bubbles look like in action, here it is.  Wow.  I should have also photographed the tub and everything else they touched.  Wow.  They had  ball though. 

Let's start with the negatives and then end with the positives.
Negatives (things that make me less happy:)
  • Steve is gone all next week next week.
  • I am working so I will be flying solo, sleepless and humbly begging the village for help.  Boo.
Enough complaining.
Positives (things that make me very happy:)

  • We had a great week.
  • My BF was home all last week. 
  • It was a nice and smooth week overall, with a few funny stories.
  • I love those girls and my BF.
  • 1 sleepless night down, 2 to go.  Very nice patient though.
  • My husband is so awesome he is taking the girls to a family birthday party even though I can't go with him. 

Funny stories:
  • We set out to take Syd to school yesterday on the way to the gym, as I as getting the girls out of the truck I  looked at Gabby and realized that she wasn't dressed yet.  Oops, I guess we will go back home first. 
  • Tess caught Steve and I having a long kiss and made a very big deal out of it.  When I put her to bed that night she said to me, "Now close your eyes and open your mouth and I am going to kiss you like you and Daddy kissed with your tongues.  When she returned home from school the next day she said to me, "I told my friend Devin how you and Daddy kissed with your tongues and he said that was gross."  I am sure her teachers were really impressed with the story. no wonder no one can make eye contact with me! 
Have a great weekend.  Love, Gina


AnaVolovsek said...

Hahahah!!! Kiss away my friend! Kiss away! (even though it really is rather gross when you think about it.)

Danica said...

I'd like to hear more about this "very nice patient"...

Stacey said...

These photos are hilarious.

Jenni said...

Hahaha! That's right, keep on kissin'! Hilarious when the kids are watching, but what better way to show them mushy love, right?