Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This....

Tonight I have a lot on my mind but I haven't posted in so long and there is just something so therapeutic to me jotting down the details of our days.  So many things have happened around here since my last post and most things I can't remember anymore.  My Mom won an award from the bishop which was a very happy thing, Steve has been in the state for over a week now and that is another very happy thing.  The snow is pretty much gone here which is the happiest thing!  Yeah!

The days have been a little crazy for some reason, not sure why but I am trying to figure it out.  This was yesterday's day for me.

Usual morning rush followed by:
  • whining and carrying on by Syd as her sneakers are getting to small and when can we go out shopping and get her the next size.
  • breakfast crap all over the counter  as we didn't have time before we walked out the door to put anything away.  The house looks like we were taken unexpectedly out of our house against our own free will.
  • dug uselessly through the preschools lost and found to find a pair of gloves that I am pretty sure would have fit next winter and I paid a lot for them as I bought them mid season.  
  • Bought a large amount of raffle tickets for a school fundraiser that we just didn't get around to selling our pack because we had already hit everybody up for the girl scout cookies and the read-a-thon.  
  • Ran a few errands with Gabby then looked at the stuff from Tess's school mailbox that I picked up this morning.  (Anne did pick ups and drops offs last week and didn't check our box)  Snack calendar......Tess is on for  guess when?  April 5th....nice, the morning I am reading it, guess they used the back up snacks.  Super Mom.  
  • Our fish is quite obviously dying. Why do they live such short lives?  Tess insists he is just "playing dead."  
This morning I woke up to a sick call from Granny Annie, really?  Really?  We had a normal busy day and then I sent Sydney with Steve to Girl Scouts.....a week early.  Really?  Really?  I told her a week early is better than a week late!    Other than that, we have world by the tail around here.  Ha.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring?  Regardless of how the day goes, every night I go in each girl's room, check on them sweetly sleeping and I say to myself, "God I love that girl."  None of the minor little slip ups really actually matter in the grand scheme of things.  (I also have a good laugh because Tess usually has her shirt off and every stuffed animal tucked into bed with her.) Have a great night.  Love, Gina

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