Thursday, April 14, 2011


I started this entry on April 8th but just never got back to it.  The days, weeks and months seem to fly by and wait for no one.  A million things have taken place since I last sat down to write.  My sister took Sydney to a fancy restaurant for brunch and then to a play for a birthday gift to her.  I have a few photos that she snapped on her phone but not with me so I will have to post them later.  Sydney had a ball and felt so special.  Sydney has had a lot of fun activities lately.  As pictured on the left (a blurry photo taken with my iphone, I was just happy to get out the door by myself there was no time for grabbing cameras!)  we had the honor of meeting the author Kate DiCamillo in Sydney's classroom.  It was such a neat experience that left me with tears in my eyes.  What a blessing to meet such a wonderful lady.  Sydney really has been blessed with a fabulous 1st grade teacher.  Sydney's 1st grade teacher gives 110% and makes it obvious that she loves her job.  They are always doing fun projects and having neat people come to visit her classroom, we will miss her next year.  At one point during the visit Sydney came and sat on my lap.  It meant the world to me because when you are 7, you don't do that as often when your friends are around.  

While I was out living a life of leisure with my eldest, Greg was tending to Miss Gabby and Tess.  Over the weekend Steve and I were lucky enough to attend the silent auction/fundraiser for Tess's school.  It is a fun event and a fun way to follow up all of the planning and setting up that we helped with.  And guess what?  Remember the massive amounts of raffle tickets that we bought because we didn't get ours sold?  I won the drawing!  Nice.  (It helps when you buy 19 tickets.)  Thanks to Greg and Nancy for taking the children.  

Miss Gabby is growing up like crazy these days.  Yesterday at Karate I was trying to keep up with her and she said to me, "Leave me alone."  She is learning such nice things from her older sisters.  Ha. 

Other than that, nothing else is new, we have been spending a ton of time outside, enjoying the beautiful weather.  The other night we had 8 kids in our front yard....that is what I was dreaming about all winter.  

Right now the village is in full swing while I take a little time to myself and Steve is also out of state.  Ahhhhh.  Have a great weekend.  Love, Gina

Ps. The fish did pass away and Tess told me she is all done with fish.  The poor thing was always neglected while Steve travelled!

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