Monday, May 09, 2011

Little Miss Tess is 5!!!!

Our sweet & sassy middle daughter is 5 today!  It it is so hard for me to believe how quickly she has grown up.  I am so proud to be her Mom, she is such a happy go lucky, crazy little girl that keeps everyone smiling.  We all should take a page out of her book, she is an individual that only knows how to have fun, no matter what she is doing.  This morning she told me, "This is the best birthday I have every had!"  Over the weekend we celebrated Steve's Uncle Merlin's 60th birthday and then celebrated Tess's birthday while we were there.  Today the girls and I were home together, went out to lunch at Tess's favorite place, "Jimmy John's" and then we headed to her little party with her friends at everyone's favorite place, "Chuckie Cheese's!" (AkA kids casino.)  She had a ball and as you can see by the photo she is smiling from ear to ear like she is meeting the President of the United States!  It really was sweet to see her so happy.  After her party we headed to her T-ball game and then Greg and Nancy brought Gabby home and watched Tess open presents in 2.2 seconds.  I have a million photos from the last 2 days but must get ready for work now.....a little nap would have been nice.  Ug.  Have a great night!  Love, Gina

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Naomi said...

happy birthday to tess!! hugs, naomi :)