Monday, May 30, 2011

our family is expanding by one

....for the Summer.  We have a new roommate, Steve's cousin Jena moved in over the weekend.  Jena is doing an internship in town for the summer and will be occupying our guest room and hanging out with our circus.  We had a great weekend together and I think we may have already traumatized her as I realize at 21 years old, things are very different than what goes on around here.  She may have questioned her decision to move in several times throughout the weekend, 2 times that come to mind might be....the 20 minutes that it takes us just to gather all of our stuff and people to walk a 1/2 mile to the lake, it takes an act of God...especially this early in the season when everything needs to be gathered.  The other time I think she may have questioned her decision was when we returned home from the Lake.  Everyone was starving, Gabby was carrying on so I set her beside me on the counter while I got the food ready for grilling.  Jena asked me what I could do to help and I asked her to take Gabby and put a diaper on her because she only had her swimsuit cover up on at that point.  She hoisted her up to find that she had already voided on the counter.  Nice.  Just another day at the B's but I am sure Jena wanted to barf and decline eating with us.  She pleasantly acted like it was no big deal and took her to the bathroom for a much needed bath....very helpful!  I am sure she also loved it when she came home one evening and Tess said to her, "You might want to think about coming home earlier at night."  We had a great weekend of working around the house and playing too, it was just what we needed.  A quick visit with the Salfers, a trip down the street to the Farmers market, making s'mores, homemade ice cream and an afternoon at the Lake made everything perfect.  It is so great to say gone are the days of schedules, homework and cool air, here are the days of the warm sun, sand castles on the beach, friends knocking on the door to play late into the evening, grilling every night and the smell of fresh cut grass.  These are the days I live for.  Our children may not have the same childhood that we were blessed with, with dairy cows, thousands of laying hens on the farm and prairie to run in that stretched for miles, but we will see to it that they are just as blessed, having as much fun as we did and spending endless days outside just being kids.  This is the life and the fun that they deserve.  Have a great night.  Love, Gina

Our new roomie, Jena

Oh how I missed the Farmers Market

Just 2 Families....all girls!

It is going to be a great Summer!


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