Tuesday, May 03, 2011

the sun and other things that make me happy

Mr. Golden Sun makes a world of a difference in my days. It was a gorgeous day, with lots of sun and lots of activity.   My BF is still gone but things are going smoothly, nothing exciting but mundane things that make me happy, a few to list:

  • My friend came over with a mocha so we could mark some things for the garage sale.  
  • Park playtime after preschool for the kids.
  • Walking to and from Sydney's school because of the nice day.
  • Going to Sydney's school book fair with all 3 girls and chaos stayed away from us the whole time!  (It usually finds us.)
  • Playtime before dinner outside with the neighbor kids.  
  • I finished a project I have been working on for a while.  
  • New books to read at bedtime.
  • Mr. Golden Sun
  • Life
  • My BF has his grand opening tomorrow and selfishly that means less travel for a while!   Yippeeeeeee!
Have a great night!  Love, Gina

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