Thursday, July 07, 2011

H.A.L.T. and Enjoy Summer

It is July and I can't even keep up trying to journal/blog all of the things that we have been doing and the hilarious things the girls are saying.  We have been trying hard to keep the fun going for the girls this summer and they seem pretty happy, I do feel like they are the perfect age this summer, they still want to be with us, they still enjoy things that are cheap, local and fun to us and they still subscribe to my rule that the word "bored" is a swear word.  (Lord am I glad I instilled that rule early.)  We have been doing a lot of swimming, biking, and hanging out.  We had a nice visit from my high school friend Tiffany and her husband Jason, visits from cousins and weather we can enjoy being outside in.  I went to Tess's summer camp and watched her ooh and ah at a speaker and his dogs, I just love to see her at school/camp.  She is such a character.  

Over the holiday weekend Steve and the girls had a ball at Nana and Papa's, playing at several lakes, going to a parade and lots of fun visiting with family. And I think Steve even took pictures (I need to get them from him yet to post them but I do think he took them....I am pleasantly surprised!)  While they were gone I fulfilled my holiday work obligation, plus some and from Friday afternoon to Wednesday morning I worked 68 hours.  I figured since I sent them out of town while I worked I would get a few extra hours in for our bathroom renovation.  

My work weekend group is pretty awesome and we made it as fun as we could.....I mean, who isn't fun at 3am?  From strawberry pie to salt and vinegar chips, we had it all....oh and we did some patient care too.  I had some pretty awesome patients too, one family that I wanted to go home with and one family that  will forever be in my heart.  95 percent of the time my job is so happy and we get to help make couples so happy and then there is the 5 percent of the time when we have to help couples through one of the saddest times of their lives.  Sadly, Tuesday night was one of those nights.  Like all of my friends and co-workers, this is the part of our job that we dread.  When you think about it, how great is our job, on a daily basis we lead people into one of the most amazing and happy events in their lives.  Which is why we are so unaccustomed to leading people through intense sadness.  But we are also able to witness  and unbelievable amount of strength, courage and love.  As I left the floor our Wednesday morning I felt sad but I also felt proud of what I had done to try to ease the pain for my patient and her husband.  I had no intention of going on and on about this story but what I really wanted to ask you for was prayers for that couple as they return home without their baby and courageously move on with their lives.  

In the past I have thought it was brilliant to short myself sleep while I have childcare and make appointments and run errands on very little sleep.  Lets just say, I may have learned my lesson and am going to try not to do that anymore.  That day I had a dentist appointment at noon.  (I went to bed at 8:30am.)  I rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth and went out to the truck to head to my appointment.  I started the truck, drove for a few minutes and this is what I saw

Yes, you are right, this is indeed the temperature in the truck.  The truck that we just spent over $1200 to fix the a/c.  What I did next will not surprise you.....I called Steve, he didn't answer.  I called again, he didn't answer.  I called again.  He answered.  Guess what he could do from are right.  Nothing.  
So I proceed to my dentist appointment, sweaty.
On 3 hours of sleep.  

I listen to head phones while I get my teeth cleaned so today was no different, she gave me the head phones and I started to listen.  A sad song came on....I start thinking about my patient from the morning.  Tears start falling from my closed eyes.  Yep, in the dentist chair.  I wipe them, I say nothing, the hygienist must have thought I was ultra sensitive to the cleaning but I decided to save face and gave no explanation.  

I get in the car, I forget the sadness and quickly replace that emotion with anger when I see this again.  

I wanted so badly to drive to the body shop and give them a piece of my mind.  Then I thought about something my dear friend Mandy taught me years ago.  Always remember 
when you are having an important conversation.  If you are 

DO NOT have the conversation.  In my case, H stands for Hungry and/or Hot.  
lets see, I was hungry, hot, angry, not lonely (haven't been in 7 years) and tired so I really shouldn't go to the body shop but then my dear Mom taught me years ago, "Make them do the job right!"  So sorry Mandy, I went with Mom this time.  I drove right to the body shop that we paid over $1200 to a few weeks ago and let them know how hot I really was that it wasn't fixed.  Guess what?  They didn't drop everything and made me make an appointment for the following day!  Hmmmm.  I left the shop drove home and cried like they told me I had cancer.  Again,
hence my realization that I can no longer skip sleeping to decrease childcare, who knew?  

I came home and was greeted by 3 smiling faces and everything got better.  We went to our favorite  pastry shop's 1st anniversary celebration and had a great time. 

Steve came home, I was much less dramatic and we great evening.  I felt giddy as I crawled in my bed since it was dark out!  Today was a great day, after my early morning jog, I came home and read my book for a few minutes before I started the day and then Greg and Nancy helped me out and watched Gabby while I took, Syd, Tess and Kate swimming at Lifetime.  We had the best time swimming, the weather was perfect and the girls were so good.  Steve even stopped to see us at the pool since we were right by his work.  Then we all met for pizza at the end of the day, Erin set us up at Pizza Luce, it was delicious.  

I am thoroughly enjoying the start of my stretch off with our little people, I have so much to be thankful for.  (A good nights sleep and I am back to the realization that my life really isn't very hard and I am blessed.)

Have a great night.  
Love, Gina

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Stacey said...

Gabby is getting a little close to that pool. I'm not sure if that life jacket is coast guard approved. :-)

And who goes for an early morning jog after just working and insane amount of hours during the night??