Sunday, July 10, 2011

Its The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

  • Iced coffee in my refillable cup.
  • Homemade carmel rolls made by Sydney and I when Tess and Steve went for a bike ride last night, while Gabby was fast asleep.
  • The Sunday paper (coupons included for this old lady.)
  • The whole day with all 5 of us off!
  • The house is fairly clean.
  • The sun is shining.
  • 3 happy little girls.
  • A/C working in both the house and the truck!
Happy Sunday!  Love, Gina

1 comment:

AnaVolovsek said...

Sweet dreams! What a lovely day! Ours was a little less ideal, so I can truly appreciate those occasional wonderful Sundays!!!
(and yes, I do love my coupons too!)