Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thinking of you Dear Sue

I have been away from the blog, busy with the little ladies, spent a little time away with my BF for our anniversary and have a lot to catch up on but this post tonight is for a different reason.  I want so send out my thoughts and prayers to my dear friend Sue who lost her Father, Ken Heffner, sadly after a sudden stroke.

He was a neat man, who despite seeing my family very infrequently, treated us like family.  Both Sandy and Ken were wonderful to us and it breaks my heart that this happened.  It also breaks my heart to know how sad this is for our dear friend Sue.  No matter what the cause, what the age, it is never a good time to lose your parents.  My prayers go out to all of them and may the happy memories get them through this difficult time.  All my love, Gina

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