Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Loving weddings and other fun stuff

Too many fun things to going on so here I am again with tons of photos to weed out and little energy to post them!  Here goes with another long post in no particular order at all!  

1st order of business.....

Tyler and Elynn's Wedding!  I am sad to say I don't have any photos of the bride and groom!  I will get one to post later.  It was a beautiful wedding, the bride looked beautiful and the Mother of the groom (My Aunt Jayne) looked stunning as well.  We tried to get a family photo while we were there too, here is how that went.
Smile Gina, the ceremony with 3 small children present is over.  
Okay Gina, focus.  
Mommy now focuses, Tess goofy as ever and Gabby enjoying her hand. 
Mommy again not focusing, worried about the child that is acting perfect.
Everyone is happy, again, not sure why I can't settle my nervous energy and stand still.
Let's try squatting, maybe that will make Mommy stand still.
Everyone getting antsy but overall smiling!  
Final shot, happy and oh, hi there waiter in the background!  

The festivities were a lot of fun once I chilled out and stopped worrying about the kids.  It was difficult to keep them from sneaking in the photo booth with every random couple that they could.  There was definitely a "Photo Booth addiction" going on.  And honestly I can't blame them....I too loved the photo booth and would love to put one in our basement next to the pinball machine...don't you think that is only fair?  Tess borrowed the camera and then snapped a couple photos, these are 2 of my favorite:

The waiter...he looks like he is enjoying himself.
As she snapped this photo she said to me, "Let's take a picture of your friend Wine Mommy."  Nice.  Also notice the bib laying in the background of the wine...a familiar scene in many households I am sure.  

And I must also add a few shots of these 3....I am biased but I do think they look exceptionally cute!

lastly this sassy pair made it to the wedding too...
Yes they were cute...no they weren't comfortable, they weren't supposed to be!  After the wedding we all gathered for a little celebrating in the hotel.  Yes, I said hotel and yes, you know I love staying in hotels...even if it isn't fancy and even if I may be sharing a bed with a child.  I love going room to room like a dormitory, I love fresh sheets and white towels, I even love the continental breakfast which usually involves a mediocre belgian waffle.  I am a kid at heart when it comes to hotels.  A good time was had by all and we are excited to do it again in September for my Uncle's wedding.  

In other excitement, we had some visitors, some girl visitors..lots of girl visitors.  It was the Salfer ladies! Steve spent an overnight and helped Brian with their renovation and Mandy and the girls came and spent the night with us.  We had a great time.  We don't have a lot of sleepovers in adulthood so it was a lot of fun.  I slaved over a nice meal for them
The all girl party was a lot of fun.
Then Sydney, Tess and I went out and did some school shopping together.  This was a lot of fun and pretty hilarious to shop with the two as they have entirely different styles.  Sydney's favorite purchase was her fashion boots and Tess's was her graphic T with a dog on it....case in point. We ended our shopping trip with a favorite treat for both of them (I may have shared a little.)

And summer cannot end without a trip to Grandma Phyllis' farm.  Always a good time had by all.
The traditional "Tess making out with Sibley" photo.
One little girl was always on the run.  We also enjoyed one of Grandma's favorite things
a little bat and ball.
Then a favorite activity for everyone, walking down the long driveway to get the mail.
And the absolute favorite for all 3 girls (and mine as a child)
The tire swing!
We all had a great time and enjoyed the little things about Grandma's normal day on the farm.  She is an amazing spitfire and has energy that doesn't quit.  Speaking of, I don't have any left now and you are probably about done with this blog post!  Thanks for staying with me.  I heart your support and your comments too!  Have a great evening!  Love, Gina

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