Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ready or not, there she goes....

First I saw this....
and then I blinked

and then there was

a cool, confident young lady, ready for the world.
(Who couldn't be confident with Captain America on your shirt?)
"big" sissy by her side

she marched on the bus as if she had been doing it for years.
I was so proud of her but couldn't hold back the tears.  I knew she was ready and I pretty much would never be ready.  It is a good thing, we should be sad to see them go, it is a sign of 5 happy years at home with them.  It is hard on my heart though.

I was lucky enough to have this little beauty walk me back to the house.  (She insisted that she wear her backpack.)
We walked in the door and she said, "I play in Tessie's room now."  She has been waiting for this day, the day she could run into Tess's room and get into anything she wanted to.  My sad day, her dream day.  Now Gabby and I must go and get ourselves a little coffee...that will make everything a little more bearable.  More photos later of Miss Sydney's 1st day and our wonderful company.  Have a great day and say a little prayer for Tess (actually I need the prayers, not her.)  Love, Gina


DeeDee said...

That was cute! So funny how the little ones light up the second they realize they can get into all the older siblings things while they are at school! Nash would always do that...then frantically try to clean it up just right so his brother wouldn't know. Cute post!

Mandy & Brian said...

LOVE IT! Glad to see everyone had good 1st days of school. Can't wait to catch up again! Love ya! Mandy

Danica said...

Love you! Love those girls! Hope you are hanging in there... I have a feeling you and Gabby will have some fun adventures! Miss you so so so much!