Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sydney's 1st day of school

Miss Sydney started 2nd grade on Monday but since we had company in town I didn't get a chance to post anything about it.  

Sydney chose her favorite thing for breakfast...
carmel rolls.
So the night before we rolled them out to rise for the next day.  
 the next day she did change outfits more than once but was able to settle on something before the bus came. (This starts early.)  She had gym class on her first day so she needed to find something that she thought would look good with her sneakers.  Tough decisions.  
 reluctantly she let me take her picture.  
Now I wish I would have had our pictures taken with Steve and I at the bus stop with her.  She probably wouldn't have been very happy about that anyway.  Hard to believe she is a 2nd grader already, she calmly got on the bus and as per usual, I was more nervous than anyone else.  The day went well and she is back to the daily grind.  Have a great day.  Love, Gina

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Tracey said...

Samantha likes Syd's shirt - good choice she says....